Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Stress Buster Programe
Totally rejuvenate ( become young again ) your Mind and your Body in 4 months through an intense supplementation / lifestyle enhancement program with medical consultations which will:

Most Important Features of Stress Buster Programe

  1. Detoxify and Invigorate your Body

  2. Relieve Mental Fatigue and Anxiety

  3. Improve your Memory and Concentration

  4. Strengthen your Immune System

  5. Promote Restorative Sleep

  6. Revitalize your Brain Chemistry

  7. Increase your Acetylcholine Levels

  8. Reduce your Cortisol Levels

  9. Thwart Prostaglandin Activity

  10. Elevate Melatonin Production

  11. Regulate Growth Hormone Surges

  12. Combat Free Radicals and Toxins

  13. Enhance your Energy and Stamina

All aspects of stress-related degradation are addressed including mental and physical fatigue, toxin buildup, hormonal imbalances, weakened immune response, and sleep deprivation:

Symtums of Stress
Brain and Nerves :

Headaches, feelings of despair, lack of energy, sadness, nervousness, anger, irritability, increassed or decreased eating, trouble concentrating, memory problems, trouble sleeping, mental health problems ( such as panic attacks, anxiety disorders and depression )

Skin : Acne and other skin problems.

Muscles and Joints :
Muscle aches and tension (especially in the neck, shoulders and back ), increased risk of reduced bone density.

Heart :
Faster heartbeat, rise in blood pressure, increased risk of high cholesterol and heart attack.

Stomach : Nausea, stomach pain, heartburn, weight gain.

Pancreas : Increased risk of diabetes

Intestines : Diarrhea, constipation and other digestive problem.

Reproductive System :
For women-irregular or more painful periods, reduced sexual desire, For men impotence, lower sperm production, reduced sexual desire.

Immune system : Lowered ability to fight or recover from illness.

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